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The sustained migration of peoples, especially the essential human assets from the African continent in general and Nigeria in particular to other African nations, Europe, Asia and the Americas to seek asylum for enhanced opportunities in recent times ought to be a real source of concern to any responsible governments, businesses and the citizenry at large.

Although, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has divided international migrants into two groups: those who migrate of their own free will, leaving for study, work or to join their families, repression or natural disaster. Yet, the two categories have rapidly become interdependent because of their fairly interrelated motive of searching for “better employment opportunities” abroad, while contributing a great deal to the success of other economies outside theirs.

However, this objectionable trend invariably, becomes more worrisome in connection with wide-ranging effects of such massive movements abroad on the nation’s socio-economic, political, educational, and human capital growth and development on the country’s economic fortune.

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